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Dana Hasson

At 25 years old, Dana Hasson has found the sweet spot of social media success, amassing a loyal TikTok following of over 2.8 million in just two years. A budding entrepreneur, Dana produces, shoots and edits her own content, regularly sharing a mix of beauty tutorials, fashion looks, and do-it-yourself baking content with her global audience. Trademarking her catch-phrase, “Should Look Like This,” Dana recognized early on that her social media platforms would be critical stepping stones to reach her end goal, a thriving lifestyle brand. To kick off that dream, before year's end, she will launch a monthly online series and a bakeware line complete with her signature edible glitter – and that’s only the beginning.
Moving from Israel to the US at thirteen, Dana didn’t speak or understand English. Despite the language barrier, her classmates gravitated to her. She describes it as “making friends without making friends,” a foreshadowing of what would come once she ventured into social media. She hustled to learn English and baked therapeutically to fill her time. Within a year, she was speaking fluently, a testament to her work ethic and the vigor she applies to everyday life.
Taking an interest in fashion at an early age, Dana went on to study Fashion Merchandising at Johnson & Wales. As an underclassman, she started an Instagram account, sharing her love of fashion and beauty via images of her daily looks. She soon snagged internships in visual merchandising at Alice + Olivia and Jimmy Choo and found herself even more enchanted by a career in the industry as she worked high profile events, including Fashion Week.
Graduating a year early, Dana wasn’t ready to leap into a corporate career just yet. Her social media following was continuing to grow and with the full support of her parents, she pulled her time and energy into monetizing her account. Understanding the grit needed to succeed, Dana worked tirelessly to network and make connections, rarely turning down an invite for an event or meet-up. She was quickly rewarded by her hard work with paid partnerships, increasing engagement, and invites to desirable events including fashion shows for Rebecca Minkhoff and Alice + Olivia.
In July 2019, Dana created an account on TikTok, and within months, went viral twice after posting a mac and cheese demo followed by a baked donut demo, which had 1 million and 4 million views respectively within 24 hours. Ever since, Dana has immersed herself in her craft full time and thinks outside the box when it comes to her content with visually-pleasing and often humorous crowd favorites, such as her “3 shades of pink” brownies, color changing skincare and Kardashian inspired facemask. All instructional videos include her signature tagline “Should look like this,” and most culinary content sees a pop of edible glitter to finish the plate.
Differentiating herself from other fashion and beauty influencers, Dana continues to pepper in can-do recipe content. In 2021, she expanded on her “Should Look Like This” brand launching her first product line. Inspired by two of her highest viewed videos, her Baked Donuts and Mini Cupcakes, Dana launched a practical, yet glamorous bakeware line which includes donut or muffin cupcake mold sets, as well as her signature decorating product, edible glitter. This summer, Dana will also premier her first series where she’ll invite like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts to join her in the kitchen.

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