Jessy Katz

ג'סי כץ

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Jessy Katz

ג'סי כץ

ג'סיקה כץ (32) היא שחקנית וזמרת אמריקאית ישראלית.

השתתפה בעונה השלישית של The Voice ישראל.

היא משמשת כאומנית וויסאובר ועושה דיבוב לאנגלית לדמות של ניירובי בסדרה המצליחה "בית הנייר".


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Jessy Katz

Jessica “Jessy” Katz is an American born actress and singer who lives in Israel. She participated in season 3 of the hit reality series “The Voice”. She currently works as an actress and was cast in CBS Bull, Comic-Con screened short film “Guardian” and many other campaigns and commercials including Pollogen, Rafael, and Kornit Digital. She also works as a Voiceover artist and can be heard as the English dubbed voice of Nairobi on the hit Netflix series Money Heist


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