Asi Israelof

אסי ישראלוף

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Asi Israelof

אסי ישראלוף

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Asi Israelof

Asi Israelof is one of the biggest actors in Israel, often cited as one of most influential figures in Israeli television and cinema.

A critically acclaimed actor, comedian, television creator and musician, Israelof rose to fame as part of the comedic trio "Ma Kashur".

Israelof stared in dozens of television series, among them The Arbitrator, The Chosen Nation, We are on the Map, The Champion, The Children of the Wooden House, The Israelis, The Hall of Fame, The Strike, and recently "Mezulamim".

His new movie "Release Shuli" (2021), hit 1M viewers, breaking all-time cinema records in Israel.

Israelof was host of Israel's Got Talent and Big Brother Israel.


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