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Ofir lobel

אופיר לובל

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Ofir lobel


Ofir is a sought after director who has directed many Israeli primetime shows including: “Black Space”(Reshet 13), “Crossing the Night” (YES),  “Elisha”(2 time Israeli Oscar winner), ”Mada Darom”( Channel 13), “Eretz Nehederet” (Channel 12), “TLV”,  “Buba shel Medina”, “Comedians at Work”, and many others.

Ofir has written, directed and participated in comedy and sketch shows such as “Erev Adir”, Rishon Babidur” and “Domino”.

Ofir was the creator, scriptwriter, director , and editor of the prime time series “Kovatch and Duvdevani” broadcast on Keshet to great acclaim.

Ofir has directed video clips for many of Israel’s leading singers including: Amir Benayun, Dana International, Ivri Lider, and many others.

Ad campaigns

Ofir has directed numerous ads including: Hapoalim Bank, Visa, Orange, Milky, Mizrachi Bank, the Scouts, Easy, Click, and “no no” fashion starring Celine Dion.

He has also participated in ads for Paz gas stations and Burger ranch.

Theatre and the Stage

Ofir is a member of the Prozac Trio (writing, directing, and performing) with over 800 performances around the country to date. The trio also participated in the Festigal.


“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”  (2015)
“Havurat Rosh Kruv” (2010)



Special Skills

Radio ad narration
Writing and singing his own music
Writing ad campaign music
Studied acting at Beit Zvi
Studied art and animation at the Boston Art School

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