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Shaked & Perri is a leading boutique talent agency based in Israel and founded by Tal Shaked and Karin Perri. Acting as strategic directors, Shaked & Perri work to realiz the potential of each talent, whether that’s finding an actor their dream role, executing large-scale productions, guiding writers in developing narratives, selling local formats for international adaptation, and further exposing the world-class talent of Israel on the global stage. Proudly female-run, with decades of leadership experience across the television, advertising and entertainment industry, they represent the country’s most prominent actors, writers, filmmakers, and directors. 

The agency’s philosophy is defined by its love of meaningful storytelling, and guided by the belief that arts and cinema have an essential, immeasurable, and irreplaceable impact on society and culture.     


Tal Shaked and Karin Perri combine the entertainment and media industries under a single roof. After working for Israel’s top networks, advertising firms and PR agencies, they set out on their own to create a bespoke agency dedicated to all aspects of film and television, from content creation and development to strategic talent and creative management, casting, production and distribution.

About Tal Shaked

Tal Shaked is the Co-Founder of Shaked & Perri and brings more than 25 years of television and talent experience in the Israeli and international entertainment industries. As Head of Acquisitions for Israel’s Channel 10 network, Shaked acquired and adapted international reality formats to the local market, forever changing the landscape of Israeli television with Survivor, Beauty and the Geek, The Weakest Link, and The Biggest Loser.

As VP of Business Development at Acappella Media Content Hub, Shaked further developed and sold formats, including The Big Picture, to entertainment mogul John De Mole (The Voice, Big Brother Franchise). Most recently, she served as VP of Strategic and Creative Management at Sabres Media Group, leading its international department. Shaked’s professional background spans many facets of the entertainment world, including acquisitions, distribution of formats, content development and talent management.


Karin Perri is the Co-Founder of Shaked & Perri and brings more than two decades of experience to the agency. Specializing in advertising, marketing, entertainment regulation, and television, Perri is incredibly skilled at negotiating deals and propelling the careers of Israel’s leading talent.

Perri began her career in the advertising world at powerhouse ad agency, Shamluk-Raban-Golani, and worked with leading executives across the commercial industry. Upon developing her deep understanding of the craft, Perri transitioned to network television, acting as Supervisor of TV Commercials for Israel’s Channel 10 and Keshet 12 networks for more than 14 years. Most recently, Perri served as the Head of the Talent Department at Sabres Media Group. Perri’s extensive network in the advertising world and deep knowledge of commercial television, financing, negotiations and contracts, pairs perfectly with the creative force and energy at Shaked & Perri.


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